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Staff & Testimonials

Hi!  My name is Robert Graving and I am thankful for the opportunity to offer my services as Owner / Fitness & Rehabilitation Director of Southwest Fitness 24/7.  I am a Registered Kinesiotherapist / Exercise Physiologist / Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist.  I provide personal fitness training, sports performance training, and musculoskeletal injury rehabilitation.

My wife, Kristen, and I moved from Michigan in 2011 and began the process of opening our business when we found Gold Canyon. We are very happy to see that as a result of our wonderful clientele, our business has become a place where people come to spend time with new friends while improving their health.  We are thankful for our many members and clients that have become like family to us and our children.

I first became interested in Sports Medicine while rehabilitating from football injuries.  I obtained bachelors and masters degrees in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine.  My first job after college confirmed that I had chosen the right field.  I felt a great sense of purpose while helping my patients rehabilitate from injuries or following surgeries.  I have also enjoyed helping people change their lifestyles by becoming healthier and fit.  I started offering personal fitness training services to my patients following completion of their formal rehabilitation programs.  My clients exercised with my guidance after hours in the clinic and at local fitness centers.

My 27 years of experience in the fields of fitness and rehabilitation has consisted of cardiac rehabilitation, personal training, sports performance training, outpatient physical therapy, physical medicine, and sports medicine.  This has included work in hospitals, fitness centers, a Division I athletic department, a long-term care facility, and outpatient physical therapy clinics.  My last long-term position was in Michigan where I worked for a group of physicians for 15 years in an outpatient physical medicine clinic as the Senior Therapist.  I led the rehabilitation department and also directed post-rehabilitation fitness programs.

My goal as owner of Southwest Fitness 24/7 is to provide a facility with a friendly atmosphere where anyone, no matter what his or her fitness level might be, will feel welcome and know that they will receive great service and guidance with their fitness or rehabilitation programs.  I am available for hire, but please don’t hesitate to see me with any questions that you might have.  I will be happy to show you how to use any piece of equipment, learn a new exercise, or talk with you about an injury that you have been dealing with.  Also, please feel free to contact me via email or phone anytime!

Robert Graving, M.A., R.K.T., C.S.C.S.


Phone:  480-982-0604

Please click here: Robert's Resume

Hi!  My name is Kristen Graving and I am an owner, business manager/saleswoman, and NSCA Certified Personal Trainer of Southwest Fitness 24/7.  My husband and I relocated to Arizona in February of 2011 from Michigan where I had spent my professional career as a Sales Specialist at an automotive manufacturing facility.  Our family really enjoys living in Gold Canyon; its abundant sunshine, mild winters, beautiful scenery, wildlife, and hiking trails make it an amazing place to live!

Athletics and fitness have been an important part of my life since I was young.  I grew up playing a lot of soccer and basketball.  Being so active when I was young, really set a precedent for my adult life.  Even as an adult, I have spent a significant amount of time participating in sports including playing for a few months in the WNFL (Women’s National Football League).  This is a full-contact woman’s football league.  Unfortunately, my body was not tough enough to handle such a full-contact sport!

My husband often tells me that exercise is as important as food and sleep.  I cannot agree more!  There is nothing that feels better than exercising one’s muscles at the gym after a long day of sitting in a chair at the office.

I have spent several years as a volunteer basketball and soccer coach for kids.  It was rewarding to be able to influence kids’ lives through exercise and sports.  I am now doing the same thing with members of Southwest Fitness 24/7.  The women's boot camp at our facility is ran by me and I now have the privilege of being an exercise coach to women ages 12 to 71 that participate in the boot camp.  Watching each woman transform into a confident, fit woman has been a highlight of my career and I could not be more proud of my ladies!!

I love meeting people and being involved in the lives of those who want to improve their health.  I have a lot of advice and smiles to offer…so please don’t be shy!  J

Kristen Graving, NSCA-C.P.T.


Phone:  480-982-0604

Please click here: Kristen's Resume

Member Testimonials:

First of all, Kristen and Bob are wonderful people with great knowledge of sports medicine, therapy, and fitness. My wife and I
joined the gym a couple months ago and love this place. This is a state-of-the-art facility with a wide variety of equipment for all levels and
is definitely not your normal run-of-the-mill fitness center. They have established a great
non-intimidating atmosphere which I would recommend to anyone of any age.

- Dennis Sigety

Bob,  I just left Mayo appointment with my surgeon.  He is BEYOND excited about my recovery and unbelievable range of motion following my total shoulder arthroplasty.  He said I am a picture perfect candidate for successful therapy and recovery.  He joked that if he could, he'd put me on a billboard in Rochester for the world to see.  He said he knows how hard I worked with you at therapy and he's so proud and amazed at my results.  So thank you a million times over for pushing me to the limit to get where I am.  I'm so grateful to my surgeon and therapist.

- Lynne Breberg

Southwest Fitness has been far more than a "gym" for my Jim.  It's been the game-changer.  Owner/therapist/trainer Bob Graving is the Best of the best - an absolute pro at what he does. Jim started therapy with Bob 7 months after a total knee replacement gone terribly awry.  He was in give-up mode, still trying to take baby steps with a walker.  But Bob wasn't giving up on him.  He took Jim's situation on as a personal challenge and began a therapy routine that brought AMAZING results in just a month, when all others had failed.  Jim now has a whole new picture of his future - back on the golf course, back on the bicycle - it's going to happen!  Physically and mentally he's a new person thanks to Bob and Southwest Fitness.

- Betty Bowes

Southwest Fitness 24/7 is by far the best gym we have ever belonged to. We have been members of gyms ranging from hard core, body building to family fitness centers.  The gym is always clean, has state-of-the-art fitness equipment and a wonderful program called Fitness on Demand. We can take any kind of class, anytime we want. The classes are fun and challenging. The owners, Bob and Kristen, always make us feel welcome and they are really knowledgeable and helpful. The gym has a community feel with supportive members that are an inspiration. Whether you are a weekend warrior, elite athlete or just looking to lose weight and shape up, Southwest Fitness 24/7 is the place to be.

- Mike and Kathy Culver

Southwest Fitness 24/7 has quickly become our favorite gym.Having been a member of numerous gyms over the years and moving to one gym after another, we’ve finally found the ONE.  Robert and Kristen are great and provide an atmosphere of friendship, help, advice, and professional services.  This gym really fits our lifestyle and offers the flexibility of access to our timeline.  Our thanks to Southwest Fitness 24/7 for choosing Gold Canyon as a home.  We are blessed to have you as members of our community and to call you our friends!

- Deb and Merle Tonne 10/25/2012

I love this gym!  It is everything you need.  Good equipment, good classes, and the best people.  Southwest Fitness 24/7 isn’t just a wonderful gym – it is a real community.  We know each other’s names; go on hikes together; inspire each other.  I hope we get to meet you soon!

- Jocelin Meesenburg

WOW - I have been exercising with cardio and weights for 40 years - these guys are the best - Bob is a great therapist/trainer and has knowledge and reason to help heal injuries and back problems – his knowledge and caring is superior to anyone I have encountered. My wife is a doctor and is presently being treated for knee problems and my son, a star athlete, has found someone who can really treat a nagging problem.  This is a world class fitness center in Gold Canyon. I am getting in the best shape I have ever been in.

- Michael Sheridan

I am a Canadian spending my winters in Gold Canyon.  Looking to replace my massage therapist and chiropractor, which I visit twice a month in Canada.  Together with a gym membership, I have been able to address this search all in one location, Southwest Fitness, a new 24/7 facility conveniently located, lots of parking and with new state of the art equipment, I am able to get a great workout at my convenience by not being restricted to store hours.  Rates are extremely reasonable and with certified personal trainers and a rehabilitation director available, I am able to address those aches and pains caused by sports injuries and just plain old aging while getting physically fit.  The old injury I have been receiving treatment for in Canada has been accessed by Bob and with Bob's rehabilitation program, I am currently receiving relief from a nagging pain and severe headaches that have been an ongoing problem for years.  So now with his help, we are working towards strengthening muscles to correct the cause of my agony.  I never thought that it would be possible to have this relief.  Kristen and Bob are sincere in assisting everyone to achieve their individiual goals, making you feel comfortable, encouraging correct techniques and stretches to help you along your way.  Thank you Bob and Kristen at Southwest Fitness 24/7 for improving my "quality of life".

- Julie Hunt

Like many people, I really wanted and needed to lose weight and regain my health. So when I saw that Southwest Fitness 24/7 was opening in Gold Canyon, I thought this is great! Gold Canyon needs this—and so do I. Sign me up!

I was struggling with simple everyday movements such as climbing steps, getting in and out of the car or up from a chair. My back ached all the time and I felt an overall stiffness. On top of it all, I was and always will be compromised by a compressed lower back and neck. I also have limited range of motion in my left ankle (held together with two plates and nine screws, the result of an accident ten years ago). I felt such a disconnect to my body that my mind and emotions were out of sync with my natural self. I felt joyless and empty. By golly, I was a mess!

I decided to try one of Kristin’s classes and quickly realized I was getting not just a fitness instructor who has met the required number of hours to attain certification, but someone with in-depth knowledge who teaches and motivates like a personal trainer.  I worked with Bob when I first signed up because I wanted his insight of body mechanics and movement and how I could overcome my challenges. It became clear to me that the most unique difference between Southwest Fitness and other fitness clubs is Bob’s and Kristin’s experience and training. I trust them. 

At first, I was barely able to move or keep up in class, but I chose not to be discouraged. I simply modified the exercises and focused on my form. I allowed myself to slowly progress and enjoy each little victory. I started to see results within a few classes. They were small changes that only I could see, but as time went on others started to comment, too. Today I can do things that six months ago were but a pipe dream. Not only can I do jumping jacks, squats and lunges, my legs and core have strengthened so much I can easily get up from chairs and climb steps much better. I’m looking better and I feel terrific. I love the mental clarity that working out brings me.

Not only have I found a place to lose weight and regenerate my health, but as a resident new to Gold Canyon, I also found a way to connect to people living in the community. I’ve met lots of fun people and my life is richer for it. Kristin has been especially motivating and her cheerleader-like personality just makes me ‘want to play football for the coach’. I feel like I stumbled onto something rare.

Thank you Bob and Kristin for coming to Gold Canyon to share your dream of opening a fitness center and helping other achieve wellness! God bless you!

- Cheryl Lappas

 Dear Bob,  Please accept this note as recognition and appreciation for the direction and help you have provided me in my efforts to improve my overall physical condition.  When I initially joined your center, I was having problems with increasing pain in my back and left knee.  The back issues are related to an old compression fracture and progressive problems resulting from Degenerative Disc Disease; the knee was weak and painful from the loss of cartilage and bone-on-bone contact.  You defined exercises to increase the muscle strength supporting those areas, as well as a general increase in overall body tone.  As the program has progressed, you have made changes to the routine to accommodate my body’s occasional “this isn’t working” and introduced alternative approaches to provide the necessary results.

Now several months into the program, I am very happy to say my back is pain-free.  Even after a long day in my woodworking shop there is no pain or stiffness – a tremendous gift.  And there has been noticeable improvement in my left leg.  While a knee replacement remains probable, the date has been pushed back for the foreseeable future as I am walking much better with greatly diminished pain levels.

 An aside benefit is the improvement to my golf game.  Coincidental with this writing, I shot my best game ever this morning.  Much of that can be attributed to the additional strength and flexibility resulting from your training methods.

 I am regularly impressed by your knowledge of the various body muscles, ligaments, and tendons and your ability to design exercises to strengthen them, or to minimize the discomfort and potential damage while rebuilding the areas supporting them.  And I most definitely appreciate your patience with an “old man” – you make the workout sessions a pleasure.

 Often overlooked in our “hurry up world” today are the personal aspects in a professional relationship.  Both you and your wife, Kristen, are “fun” people; very genuine and enthusiastic in your approach to physical health.  It is a pleasure knowing you, and I look forward to continuing our training sessions.  I wish you both much success.


 Larry W. Peterson

Bill and I would like to thank Robert (Bob) Graving for the excellent work he did in the rehabilitation of Bill's knees.
After Selecting an excellent surgeon to perform the total knee replacements, we then chose to have Bob do the follow up rehabilitation.  We could not have made a better choice in both cases.

Bob was wonderful in taking Bill through pre-surgery exercises that helped make the aftercare easier.  He was also very helpful in making suggestions on how to prepare our home for Bill's homecoming.

After surgery and upon our surgeon's direction, Bob evaluated Bill, set up an extremely successful rehabilitation program, and, in addition, provided a program of exercises for Bill to do at home.  Bob also provided very thorough progress reports to our surgeon.

An outstanding quality about Bob is the personal interest he takes in his clients.  He stayed with Bill the entire hour making sure he had correct form while encouraging him along each step of the way.  He showed genuine happiness when Bill achieved certain goals.  One cannot find a more dedicated rehabilitation therapist than Bob.

Kudos to you Bob!  You are the model for what a rehabilitation therapist should be.  You have the knowledge, professionalism, patience, and compassionate, caring nature to get clients like Bill through a difficult time.

We thank you and greatly appreciate all you did for Bill!

Best of all, he is now walking without pain.  Hooray!!

- Bill and Ramona Jones


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