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Therapeutic exercise programs are provided by a Registered Kinesiotherapist (see resume). The therapist begins with a thorough consultation and performs a physical evaluation during the first session. The therapist will ask the client to first describe the injury, instability, or painful area and then provide information regarding previous experience with exercise programs and describe other medical conditions that he should be aware of including previous orthopedic or spinal injuries and surgeries, or cardiovascular pathologies. 

The physical evaluation may include resting heart rate, resting blood pressure, postural evaluation, spinal and joint active range of motion measurements, manual muscle testing, soft tissue palpation, and functional movement screen.

An appropriate therapeutic exercise routine will then be developed based on the client’s medical history, subjective symptoms, and physical evaluation. Established rehabilitation protocols will be followed and therapeutic modalities including ultrasound, phonophoresis, electrical muscle stimulation, moist heat, and cryotherapy may be utilized as needed. Manual therapy techniques including passive stretching, manual resistance training, joint and soft tissue mobilization may also be utilized as needed.

The initial evaluation report and therapy progress reports can be sent to referring physicians. Specific physician-established rehabilitation protocols can be followed upon request by referring physicians.

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