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Personal Training

Our goal is to provide a facility with a friendly atmosphere where anyone, no matter what his or her fitness level might be, will feel welcome and know that they will receive great service and guidance with their fitness or rehabilitation programs.

Personal Fitness Training

We offer a free equipment orientation for all members. We will show you how to use any piece of equipment or learn a new exercise. We want to get to know all of our members and help them improve their health and physical performance.

We are also available for hire to design customized exercise programs based on each client’s goals, health history, and physical assessment. Guided exercise sessions are motivational and informative. Clients learn proper body mechanics / exercise technique and also the scientific rationale for selection of specific exercises and routines. We can also provide nutritional coaching for clients that request guidance with dietary intake.

During the first session a physical assessment is performed following a brief consultation. The physical assessment may include resting heart rate, resting blood pressure, postural evaluation, spinal and joint active range of motion, and a functional movement screen.

Clients may be provided with a heart rate monitor during guided exercise sessions. This helps us to determine appropriate exercise intensity and assess progress. We can also assess progress by performing body composition analysis (body fat testing) periodically (this is optional).

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