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We have selected the best equipment available.  We have spent a great deal of time researching various equipment lines and have determined that Life Fitness, although very expensive, is worth it because it offers the best biomechanical design of all strength machines.  Users of this equipment will experience the most effective and efficient strength training work-outs.  We have selected the Signature line for our strength training equipment.  There are machines for training every muscle group of the body.

Click on the following links to see Life Fitness Signature Line Commercial Strength Equipment and Cable Systems:

Signature Single Stations


We have also selected Life Fitness for all cardiovascular training equipment.  Each machine has a TV with a selection of various cable channels.  There are also ipod hook-ups integrated with the TVs on each piece of cardio equipment.  Southwest Fitness 24/7 has treadmills, elliptical trainers, recumbent bikes, upright bikes, and stairclimbers.

Click on the following link to see Life Fitness Cardio Equipment:

Cardio Equipment


Hammer Strength, a division of Life Fitness, is our supplier of benches and racks.  Hammer Strength is very popular with Division I and NFL Football teams due to the durability and superior design.  The Free Weight Area includes 2 power racks which can each be used for a variety of free weight strengthening exercises including squats, bench press, and incline bench press.  The Hammer Strength Half Rack has a removable and adjustable bench that slides into place on a track which lines up perfectly for bench press exercises.

Click on the following link to see Hammer Strength benches and racks:

Hammer Strength


Power Systems
is our supplier of group exercise and sports performance training equipment.  We have selected a wide variety of equipment including resistance bands, stability balls, medicine balls, aerobic steps, rehabilitation equipment, plyometric training boxes, agility ladder, hurdles, etc.

 Click on the following link to see Power Systems equipment:

Power Systems


is the maker of our group exercise spin bikes.  We have selected the M3 model for our group exercise room.

 Click on the following link to see Keiser M3 bikes:

 Keiser Spin Bikes


The group exercise room is set up with the Fitness on Demand group exercise system.  This is new technology that has just recently become available.  F.O.D. has become very popular with 24-hour access fitness facilities.  A kiosk inside the group exercise room lists a wide variety of group exercise classes and skill levels.  A member can select the group exercise class on the kiosk and a large screen automatically lowers for the projector.  This way, anyone or any group of people can attend a group exercise class whenever it is convenient for them.  All of the exercise modalities needed for a wide variety of group exercise classes are available in the group exercise room.

Click on the following link to see the F.O.D. system:

Fitness on Demand 

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