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24 HR Access/Security

24-hour access “key clubs” are becoming very popular.  Members love the convenience of being able to exercise whenever they want to.


The fitness center is staffed during normal hours but all members may access the facility anytime outside of staffed hours any day of the year, including holidays!  The access system is fully integrated with the member check-in software and onsite security systems.  This allows members to feel secure during non-staffed hours.  Each member receives an electronic key called a keyfob.  The keyfob is waved over the proximity reader outside the entrance door.  The proximity reader is linked to the computer, which will temporarily unlock the entrance door after checking the member’s status.  This only takes 1-2 seconds. 


The entrance door has a “tailgating system” which will send notification to the security system computer if an unauthorized person were to attempt to follow a member into the facility.  In this situation, an audible alarm will sound and the computer will trigger a surveillance camera to take a picture and video of the unauthorized person attempting to enter the facility.


There are surveillance cameras strategically placed throughout the facility for the safety of members whom exercise outside of staffed hours.  The surveillance cameras are connected to a digital video recorder which is continuously recording.  There are no audio recordings of any kind.


There is also a “personal security button” in the facility which will immediately contact a security monitoring company when depressed in the event of an emergency.  The security monitoring company will then immediately call the local authorities.  There are several lanyards with miniature “personal security buttons” available for members to wear after staffed hours, if they prefer.  A 911 phone, Automated External Defibrillator (AED), and first aid kit are easily accessible in a central location for any emergencies.


These systems allow our business to be fully insured.

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